Vinyl Flooring is an extremely versatile solution which offers brilliant durability with the minimum of maintenance.  In terms of visual impact Vinyl flooring can bring lots of character to large open spaces.  Vinyl flooring comes in 3 main categories.

Smooth Surfaced

Used frequently in commercial installations this is a tough long lasting flooring solution than can put with with lots of punishment with the minimum of maintenance.

Non Slip

For areas that require a high degree of slip resistance such as kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and reception ares or entrances.  An abrasive material is added during the manufacturing process and some of this material has an additional texture embedded into the material.


Should you require something a little less plain, Luxury Vinyl come in a wide variety of styles and choices.  From ceramic tiles granite effects through to hardwood styled tiles as well as custom options to add features such as children activities or corporate identity.